Pneumatic Tubes for Blood Banks

When it comes to blood banks, they are a critical step in the chain-of-care. The rapid delivery of the right person at the right location at the right time is something that ensures successful treatments and positive outcomes for patients. Whether it's temperature, time, accuracy, and packaging; these are all crucial elements in the blood transportation process.

Pneumatic tubes systems are not only a faster, safer, and more cost-effective to human carriers; but they help maintain the specific temperature requirements of blood products. PRBC's (Packed red-blood-cells) have to remain at or below ten degrees Celsius until the blood is transfused and administered. If someone were to pick up the blood product and physically walk it to where the patient was at; there would be a greater chance the temperature restrictions would be exceeded.  It's better to send the blood product through a pneumatic tube carrying system; which is a quicker way to get it to the patient without exceeding the temperature restriction.

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Also, security and reliability are other advantages of using pneumatic tube systems to transport from blood banks. Pneumatic tubes stations include easy control panels that minimize user errors. If there is more security needed for highly-valued blood products or medications, tube systems have the ability of a secure "send" functions which holds the carrier right above the destination tube station until an employee comes and enters in a release code. Then if the area is public, security doors can be added to the pneumatic tube station to prevent unauthorized personnel from getting in and compromising the patient's privacy.

At we supply pneumatic tube carriers that reduce the transport time of blood to patients and unproductive deliveries by hospital personnel, while also enhancing patient care with quick response times.  Washington Security Products only supplies products that meet the social requirements of blood transport.