Pneumatic Tube Carriers for Laboratories

If you were to walk into an average laboratory on any given day, you would hear the constant sound of a “swoosh” of a pneumatic tube carrier system as they are arriving and going at the station as they are packed with specimens, tissues, or samples that require immediate testing. Pneumatic tube systems are a stable technology in a hospital environment due to their consistent value that they deliver to the labs, blood banks, and pharmacies.  The reasoning behind these systems is because of their rapid turnover time, improved staff productivity, and an astonishing return-on-investment that is normally very quickly.

While these are important justifications for wanting a pneumatic tube system, the laboratories have other specific requirements. The system also addresses security, delivery verification, and specimen integrity. In addition, busy lab personnel wants system controls that are easily used and carriers that can be able to open and close and that is exactly what Washington Security Products deliver.

At Washington Security Products we have a variety of pneumatic tube carriers available that address these lab-specific requests for their customers. For example, our pneumatic tube system products are equipped with variable speed technology that slow the speed of carriers transport for sensitive items that need gentle handling and careful delivery. This can eliminate the need for these special items to be delivered physically. When sending these carriers, this same variable speed transport is used to increase the speed of the transport for improved system performance.

Lastly, pneumatic tube carriers help simplify the steps that users must do to get the job done. Washington Security Products also supply products that are equipped with a secure-and-send feature that limits access functions to only authorized functions. These functions usually require the entry of a secure code when the users are sending the carriers to the arriving station, which then unlocks and allows the carrier to be delivered to the recipient.