Pneumatic Tube Carriers for Engineering

Hospital environments are known to be dynamic and run by fast paced personnel with the best care in mind for the patient. Therefore, in order to keep up with this fast-evolving environment; pneumatic tube carriers needed to be reliable, safe, and quick. So, how does this tube system work?

First, pneumatic tube systems consist of a network of tubes that are connected to several stations such as transfer or receiving stations. At these stations there are several carriers that are made available for hospital staff like doctors and nurses. The carriers can be used to send and receive medicines securely, efficiently, and the most important accurately. The carriers are located in the stations, which are carefully chosen and strategic locations inside medical centers, such as laboratories, pharmacies, and clinics.

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For example, when a nurse has the medication they need and want to send it to the doctor who is on the next floor up; they will place the aid inside the carrier and place the carrier inside the sending station. Next, the nurse will enter in the data for the desired location of where the medical materials need to go, and press send. Now, the fully automated tube system takes over the work from there; using air to transport the carrier all the way up to the next location in just a matter of seconds. This process saves the nurse a trip going to the actual physical location of where the medication needs to go; while minimizing the risk of contamination of the medical supplies. 

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