6” Leak ResistANT Carriers

Our Leak Resistive Carrier has the largest internal capacity available today, and is designed to prevent leakage in case of breakage of the internal contents. But more importantly, it is designed to make it easier to load and reduce breakage, which is what we really want to accomplish.

The pneumatic tube carrier includes rubber bumpers on each end designed to reduce both shock at impact, and breakage, while also reducing noise when the carrier is received.

Washington Security Products Offers Hospitals High Quality Leak Resistant Pneumatic Tube Carriers

Pneumatic tube systems have gained increasing acceptance in medical facilities and hospitals during the past decade. While not suitable for transporting certain medications and biological products, this form of rapid transport proves exceedingly helpful in some departments. Today, as a growing number of clinics and treatment centers search for ways to design efficient, cost-effective systems, these products have attracted favorable attention.

Washington Security Products (based in Mill Creek, WA) supplies high quality, leak resistant pneumatic tubes suitable for a variety of purposes in medical centers. Would you like to decrease labor costs and expedite the delivery of paperwork, personal items, and some packaged pharmaceutical supplies to work stations in your hospital? Consider ordering our superbly constructed 6" and 4" carriers and foam liners. (We also offer 6" leak "resistive" units specifically intended to seal in a way that minimizes the dispersal of liquid contents.)

Attractive Products Designed to Reflect Well on Your Facility

Administrators sometimes color code these items to distinguish tubes belonging to specific departments or units within the facility. They may also assign priority to certain tube colors to expedite the transmission of urgent supplies. We supply these pneumatic tubes in a bright rainbow array of colors, so you can even coordinate these versatile products to fit your hospital's unique interior design goals!

Select red, yellow, green, blue or black end cap colors. All these sturdy pneumatic tube carriers display rubber ends on both the top and bottom, plus a well-designed aerodynamic conformation. The specially designated "resistive" units furnish a generous internal storage capacity. To enhance security and trackability, consider ordering these products with RFID chips.

Pneumatic Tube Systems Help Reduce Labor Costs

Today medical facilities incorporate pneumatic tube carriers within their infection control protocols. By adhering to current guidelines concerning suitable contents for transport, you may discover significant cost savings result when some departments begin utilizing these convenient products. Instead of assigning a valuable employee to carry an item through a large facility, utilizing this form of transportation ensures rapid delivery at a fraction of the cost (over the long term).

Utilizing these units also enhances the security of some departments. Instead of requiring delivery personnel to transport certain materials to individual work stations, the use of a pneumatic tube system may permit a central supply manager to disperse some items quickly and securely through the facility. Reduce opportunities for pilferage and product tampering en route. These secure pneumatic tube carriers ultimately promote greater managerial accountability.

An Illustration

Today many medical facilities actively search for ways to develop leaner, more agile support systems. While implementing a pneumatic tube system cannot completely eliminate the need to transport some materials in person, it may help hospitals streamline the daily operations of certain departments, while augmenting security and optimizing the speed of services.

For example, consider the utility of this system for the delivery of essential personal supplies to patient rooms. Instead of requiring your housekeeping staff to retrieve supplies from a central inventory and carry them to patient rooms, a supervisor could simply dispatch items such as bars of soap, toothpaste, shampoo, and combs directly to individual wards utilizing the convenient pneumatic tube system. Today many hospital administrators actively search for ways to reduce labor costs and minimize recurring expenses.

Rely on Washington Security Products

Washington Security Products in Mill Creek, Washington furnishes a complete line of sturdy hospital carriers designed for use in pneumatic tube systems. We manufacture all of these items in the United States. Visit us online or call 1-800-824-0685 to order these in-demand, innovative products for your facility!


  • Leak resistive

  • Rubber end bumpers

  • Easy to load (reduces breakage)

  • Low priced

  • RFID chip available

  • Comes in five different end cap colors: Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, or Black