We offer two different types of alarm devices. Each is designed for unique applications, and is available with various options. These products are well-made and will provide years of trouble-free operation.

Double Squeeze Button

Our Double Squeeze Button is the most reliable and positive way to activate an alarm during problem situations. The design makes it almost impossible to trip an alarm by accident. Both buttons must be squeezed simultaneously using the thumb for one button and a finger on the other, click here to know more.

This device has several outstanding features:

  • Snap on lid allows removal of switches from housing for bench wiring, and provides easy placement within.

  • Lightweight housing makes it ideal for installing using double-backed tape, which is included with each device.

  • Screw ways are designed into the housing to allow easy installation using the screws provided with each device.

  • Uses Switchcraft™ BXR016 box switch for a large combination of wiring schematic options.

  • Pre-wiring service available on larger orders.

Available in tan or black housings.

Shown here with our Bill Trap for size reference

Bill Trap/Money Clip

  • Simple design with a “debris free” interior. False alarms caused by staples and paper clips are nearly impossible because of the body design.

  • Easy trip actuator has a smooth and quiet operation with a minimum of drag. A single bill can be used to suppress the actuator.

  • Single or double switches using Honeywell™ 311SM701-H58 switch provides for multiple circuits and a silent operation.

  • See-through bottom plate makes it easy to inspect the device on a regular basis, and to troubleshoot the system if a problem does arise.

  • Auto-disconnect capability is offered using Amphenol style connectors.